Valiant Teachers (Part 1)

“Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”
― Mother Teresa

Some folks are called to be teachers, but only a very select few are called to be teachers at Valiant Cross Academy.


There is no doubt in this WORLD that Adreka Parks was called to be one of those teachers.

Her story is one that shows God’s timing, His placement, His goodness, and His encouragement.

Starting at the front counter of Plato’s Closet, this petite, beautiful and encouraging woman thought to herself ‘There must be more out there for me to do for the kingdom of God.’

and there was.

Ms. Parks graduated from Alabama State University with a degree in Education.

While in school, her goal was to find a job that paid her the “big bucks”, as she put it , but as soon as she finished, she was working the front counter at Plato’s Closet wondering what in the world she was doing.

“Something just had to give, I just needed to find a job that gave me more of a reason to get up in the morning. I needed to teach.”

With an inquiry online, she landed an interview with a new school that would be opening the Fall of 2015.

An all boys Christian school.

The board of directors for Valiant cross gave her an interview but had only planned to hire an all male staff  to teach their students.

The Lord had a different idea. 

IMG_4473 2
In the midst of the interviewing process, she discovered that she carried a chronic illness, that could hand over some challenges to her energy level with a job in the teaching world.

But God said “YES” to Ms. Parks and gave her the strength needed to take the job in spite of the hurdles ahead.

From the outside looking in there would be no question that this woman has energy for days.

But Adreka claims that her strength comes from the power of the Lord and the faith of her students.

“The students pray for me, they help me, they bless my life daily.  “My kids are gentlemen, it blows me away. I’m not a very emotional woman, but these kids make me want to cry everyday because of their goodness.

There aren’t many in the world that would give all the credit of the joy and love for their job to the students or the Lord,

but Ms. Parks does.

She is so *evidently* called to this place for the this time and this season.

She was chosen for a position originally set for man because God knew what Valiant Cross and Adreka Parks needed.

She is blessing a classroom of young scholars with the nurturing spirit God so beautifully placed in her.

She is touching the hearts of the staff and administrators of the school.

She calls the parents *valiant parents*, placing the same dignity in them the way she does with the scholars.

She takes the moments of frustration as an opportunity to pour out a response of restoration.

Ms. Parks is a teacher that strengthens her students with words of power and love.


If you ever walk through the halls of Valiant Cross, you’ll feel the peace of heaven literally fall on you, and Ms. Parks is a helping hand in creating that atmosphere.

To the woman that is nurturing the hearts of the young men in our community, we so deeply thank you.

Thank you for rising above the call of duty to love the scholars with the kindness of the Lord.

Thank you for rising above your own circumstance to pour out opportunity to kids that are hungry for it.

Your selfless nature touches more than you’ll ever know.

Bless you for your grace,

your worth is far above rubies.

3 thoughts on “Valiant Teachers (Part 1)

  1. Why haven’t we heard more from the mainstream media about this school? It sounds like it is an opportunity that needs to expand and spread.

  2. This is an awesome story!! I’m so proud of Ms. Parks and know that she will continue to excel while teaching at Valiant Cross Academy. I personally know Ms. Parks’ mother and believe me….the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    Montgomery, AL

  3. Ms. Parks certainly is deserving of recognition for her efforts in teaching these young men, but more so in being a Women for God. It is clear she will be used for HIS Glory through many testimonials overcoming challenges. May GOD continue to abundantly Bless Andreka.

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