Valiant Teachers (Part 2)

Mr. Pettway.

Tall, intelligent, and ridiculously kind.

A teacher who who came to Valiant Cross knowing his ability to teach, the power of the school, but had no idea what the Lord had in store for his heart. 

“I mean, I love to teach, I love technology, and I love the bible, and I get to excel in ALL of those things as a teacher here.”

By talking to Mr. Pettway, it seemed as if God had fashioned this job perfectly for him, or maybe he fashioned him perfectly for the job. 

From listening to the way God so intentionally pursued the heart of Adam Pettway it was so evident that the Lord had His hand not only with the kids that became Valiant scholars, but the men and women who became Valiant Teachers.

I didn’t have to listen to Mr. Pettway to know that his heart and mind are so in tune with the spirit of God.

He shared with me that one morning, as he drove to work he asked the Lord “what is the best way for me to educate the kids today?”

He said that he continued to hear scripture in his heart seek first the kingdom.

So that’s what he did…

and continues to do daily.

IMG_4590 (2)

He says the greatest reward is being able to see them “get it”. Like when you can look in their eyes and know that something just “clicked”.

Isn’t it amazing?

To see and hear that teachers actually care?

They care that their students are educated, they care that they have a future, they actually believe that they can go the distance.

Mr. Pettway is one of those.

“I seriously believe that every student can succeed, it’s just all a matter of figuring out the best way to help them achieve that.”

Not many teachers are willing to search for that perfect way to educate their student.

Not many teachers are willing to stay as late as these teachers do.

Not many teachers are willing to seek first the kingdom.

Not many teachers are patient enough to help each student rise above whatever their individual struggle may be…

But Valiant teachers do.

Valiant teachers create Valiant scholars.

Valiant Scholars create Valiant leadership.

Valiant leadership creates a Valiant world.

Let’s not forget that it starts with teachers who are willing to rise above the call of duty to be Valiant themselves.

2 thoughts on “Valiant Teachers (Part 2)

  1. Your posts make me want to see this school. I am so excited to know that something like this is going on in Montgomery. May God continue to bless this work.

  2. I am so proud of the man you have become cousin, keep doing what you are doingoing because not many teachers have the same heart and mindset you have. May God continue to bless you and everything you are doing and achieving.

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