Valiant Wednesday

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

-Mother Teresa

IMG_4273“What were good things that happened to you today?” Mr. Brock asked the students of Valiant Cross Academy during their after school program.

Hands flew in the air, anxious to share their daily good news.

“I made a 100 on my homework quiz”, one student shared.

“Hey, that’s great! Alright, guys, let’s tell him ‘good job’.” Mr. Brock replied.


The boys joined together in unity chanting

Good job! Good Job!”

*clap clap*

Good job! Good job!”

*clap clap*

IMG_4266Again, hands flew in the air and student after student shared their story of success for the day…

and every success story, received some form of encouragement for their joy.

The boys prayed together and introduced one of their own to lead them in a devotional.


While one student shared a devotional, the boys listened with grace and gave their ideas as to what the devotional was trying to speak to their hearts.

They supported each others thoughts and encouraged one another to go deeper, to keep sharing.


They encourage confidence.

They support creative thought.

They respect those who lead them.

They bless those who visit them.

They live with valiance, dignity and strength, 

because when words of life are spoken,

they just *might* be believable.

These boys understand the importance of speaking the truth that God sees in others to them.

It absolutely wrecks me.


How are you speaking life into the hearts of those around you?

How is God calling you to live a *valiant* life?

If anything,

Have lots of joy today, the Father of Jesus is very fond of you.


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