We Wouldn’t Be Us Without You!

 On August 3, 2015, we set up a little coffee cart in downtown Montgomery.

A spot we strategically picked for our small business start up.


We spent morning after morning and evening after evening living in constant effort to run a business and work other jobs in the process.

The mornings were early, the evenings were late.

Our employees were just as new as we were at running a business and wearing the constant sleepy-eyed-look.

But through it all,

they have been our biggest advocates and greatest encouragers.



Why would we sit in crazy Alabama weather?

IMG_4115Why would we run business and events in the same day?

Why would we stay up all night roasting coffee and wake up before the sun to sell it? 


Why would we do any of it?

Because on days like Saturday, January 2, 2016, we get to see the fruit of our labor.

IMG_4165Market Town Coffee Company works along side organizations that are fighting Human Trafficking.

An epidemic that is world wide,

but also right outside our door.


As a team, we worked with an organization called The Wellhouse that works with women who have been trafficked in and around our state.

The provide transitional housing, job training, and trauma therapy for victims who need a second chance at life.

IMG_4224For months we collected items and sold coffee to support this mission and on Saturday, January 2, 2016 we made a company trip to The WellHouse to deliver all that we had worked for.

IMG_4227We toured the homes, looked into the eyes of the wounded, learned stories of heartbreak and complete redemption,  and felt completely humbled to shake hands with the people who work tirelessly to make this mission happen.

IMG_4225This opportunity allowed us to taste and *remember* that the Lord is good, regardless of the evil.

This trip gave us a boost of energy to launch us forward in coming months to keep striving for more to give away.

More than anything, this trip helped us remember you.

IMG_4233It helped us remember that no matter how hard we work, these incredible gifts and donations we were able to give would not be made possible without YOU.

Thank you for buying our coffee.

Thank you for walking by our cart and asking questions.

Thank you for inviting us to provide coffee for your events.

Thank you for inviting us to your wedding receptions.

Thank you for giving us encouragement.

Thank you for seeing our cause and partnering with us to make a difference.

Thank you for featuring our business in the newspaper and local TV.

Thank you for humbling us daily with gifts and donations and not thinking twice about it.

Thank you Montgomery,

we love you with an intense gratitude in our hearts, we wouldn’t be us without you! 


2 thoughts on “We Wouldn’t Be Us Without You!

  1. Great pictures and I love you spirit of thanksgiving! The Lord is using you guys in amazing ways. Not only to help this community grow in their knowledge of ending human sex trafficking, but also in knowing more of who the Lord is and how He inspires believers like you guys to work full time jobs then dedicate so much of their “free time” to run a non-profit… And why?!? Because you love Him. You love His people. Thank you Laura and Cody for all you do for Montgomery.

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