Why Moms Rule

With Mother’s Day coming up, this was weighing on me.

I have always struggled with math.

It was one of those subjects that I couldn’t grasp like the other kids at the academic magnet school I went to.

It made me insecure.

Math made you insecure? Yes.

Trust me, if you go to a magnet school or any school with advanced academics, the only way to be cool is with good grades.

I was once on a cheerleading team for the SAT tests. No lie, pep rally and everything. These places can be weirdly intense. 

But my mom believed in me.  She wouldn’t let me think less of myself for a second.

So, instead of after school tutoring, my mom studied my math book, SHE learned 5th grade (well really 6th grade math) all over again, SHE woke me up early and we would have breakfast together and math tutoring.

Although it was hard and frustrating, I learned that math book cover to cover, my mom was my biggest fan.  I would be getting on the school bus and she would say “I’ll be praying all day, God believes in you and I do too.”

This was daily, she was so consistent with me.


I came home one day after getting my test score back.  I made a 93 on my test (which NEVER happened to me, and was one of the lowest in my class) BUT STILL.

I got off the bus and my mom was waiting eagerly to hear my test score.

She counted to 3 and I shouted out my score through the roof-tops!

“I MADE A 93!”

Mom turned on music and we had a full fledged dance party.  I got pizza, ice cream, and together watched the newest episode of 7th Heaven.

Which in our house was a big deal.

She believed in me then, and she believes in me now.

I am grown, married, and out of my parent’s house, but my mom STILL sends me the prayers she prayed over me that morning along with bible verses and a confidence booster.

She is SO much a part of my life, my sisters lives, our husbands lives, and our Daddy’s life. She is so insanely good at being a mama, mentor, wife, grandmother and BFF.


To all you mamas out there, let me tell you something. 

Thank you for staying up all night with us. Thank you for feeding us.  Thank you for noticing us when it felt like no one else did.  Thank you for loving us regardless of our horrible sassy attitudes. Thank you for making our lunch boxes and washing our dirty clothes.  Thank you for changing our dirty diapers. Thank you for sharing your bed when we had bad dreams. Thank you for rejoicing with us.  Thank you for sacrificing your figure to carry us for 9 months.  And to adoptive mothers, Thank you for waiting patiently for us and praying endlessly for us to be YOURS.

Wanna know why moms rule?

Because Mamas sacrifice, and when you sacrifice to bring someone into the world, you’ll sacrifice everything you have for them.

To all the moms out there, thanks for never giving up on us.

You Rule.

also, if you want to give a good mother’s Day gift, Coffee is always a good choice 🙂

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  1. Your mom is one of those friends that I have “never not known”…..our parents went to high school together. Your mom is a wonderful person, as was her mom also!

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