Wishful Doing: To be continued

I’d love to say that all 31 days of May I blogged about all that was happening.

But I didn’t.

But I think what I loved about the month of May was ALL that I did DO and accomplish.

I loved that I tried new things, left my job for a new one, practiced the art of contentment, learned other peoples stories, practiced patience, closed on new property, painted that property….ALOT, spent time with family, and witnessed friends be the most sacrificial and kind souls.

May, indeed was so good.

I lay in my bed reminiscing on the days of this month, how they slipped through my fingers the way sand slips through every crevice it finds. 

I watched.

I paid attention.

I dedicated my heart to noticing what I was doing. 

I made an effort to do things I have never done before.

I watched the people in my life be the most radically kind and life giving people I have ever known.

I made decisions to focus on the nature of my heart and the things that needed shift and stability. 

I asked the Lord for answers and He spoke truth in ways I have never noticed before. 

30 days of wishful doing.

30 days of trying, messing up, and trying again.

30 days of noticing the little things people have done for me.

30 days of harvesting the best fruit and watching my life move in a way that I love.

In 30 days of wishful doing I hope you experienced life and joy.

I hope you challenged your heart to sync with the heartbeat of Heaven.

I hope you took a risk.

I hope you conquered that fear you never wanted to face.

I hope you met Jesus in a new way.

I hope you made a new friend or reminded an old friend how much you love them.

And on day 31 …. I hope it continues.

For me,

Well, I am still learning from some friends about new businesses they are venturing in, things they are writing and creating.

I am re learning the heart of a newly wed by witnessing one of my closest friends marry her best friend. 

I always wanted to learn how to can vegetables and garden…. and this weekend, I’m learning… i hope it continues. 

Our duplex isn’t finished yet, but my husband is spending this week wrapping up big projects there.

I smiled yesterday when I faced a opportunity to compare my life, and I rejected the thought… I hope that continues.

I hope it all continues.

Because in reality is challenges are short.

They make us feel brave.

They don’t feel like forever when it’s hard.

They help us power through.

But why spend a month wishfully doing all that you hoped and dreamed for

when you can spend your life living out the abundant calling the Lord has for you to do and learn. 

Don’t stop.

Wishfully do, experience good, learn more.

Day 31:

To Be Continued… 

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