Wishful Weekend

This weekend wasn’t filled with much,

but it was full of grace, renewed mind and tricks of the trade, and LOTS of rest.

Friday afternoon around 4 pm, my friend Nalin stopped by to help *refresh* my sewing memory.

More than anything, she helped me remember how to thread my needle through my sewing machine.

http://donnaerickson.com/?feed=comments-rss2 It has been a LONG time since I’ve done this.

IMG_5260We sat around my little oak, hand-me-down kitchen table and started sewing together random pieces of fabric I still had crammed in my sewing bag.

We chatted about life: the good and the bad, finding opportunities to learn what we can be praying for for one another.

As a very normal/Southern/day-in-the-life-of-LJBell would happen, I had another friend (Laine) drop by after work to say hello and visit with Nals and I as she refreshed my memory on needle and thread.

It ended up being a time of good convo, sweet laughter, and encouraging conversation.

This particular friend had buy Fincar australia no prescription big reasons to rejoice!

Her big brother has been battling cancer for a few months and on this particular day, we got to rejoice that it was his source site FINAL day of chemo treatments. IMG_5289
It was a sweet reminder in our day that God is good and there is a great sense of His sweetness when we get to share big victories in life with our people.

We chatted and smiled while the hum of my old singer made itself the prime background noise to our conversation.

IMG_5276IMG_5248 (1)The three of us chatted more than anything else but it made me review the moment throughout the weekend to really recognize what God had given me in such a short few hours: People over things.

Friendship that is comfortable enough to walk in my home, open my cabinets, get something to eat and sit around my table.

 I have friendship that is patient enough to refresh my memory on something that barely two years ago I could have done with my eyes closed.

After finishing the book Hope Heals (stay tuned to a blog further RAVING about this book), I recognized that the greatest gift God has given me is the Church.

His Children, who carry His presence.

His People, who walk in His promises.

Life to do life with.

It really is a brilliant concept that sometimes I forget the power it carries in my life.IMG_5269

It is crucial  that we surround ourselves with one another.

Without community, my friend Laine might have drowned in the pain and frustration that comes with grieving sickness in a sibling, but the church surrounded her.

My friend, Nalin is getting married in a few short weeks, and without the love and support of the Church, the sacred act of marriage may not be one that she views with such honor.

Without the Church we can NOT walk through life with our head above water.

IMG_5249Yes we worked on one of my wishful doing wish list items, but the community and time that was spent in the presence of friends was remarkable.

Whether you New York City or Montgomery, Alabama, without community  life will weigh on you.

The city that you live in won’t be the greatest city in the world if you are doing life alone.

Companionship brings comfort, joy, and life as we journey through a world with a lot of brokenness.

So, I didn’t learn much about sewing. HA!

BUT in the midst of our 30 days of wishful doing I was challenged to recognize the power that comes with having friends in my home and conversation around my hand-me-down table.

And that is one of the best things I could ever *do*

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂

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