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6 thoughts on “Wrapping up Master Bathroom

  1. I was at IKEA last weekend. It is amazing. I love it. I can see some shelves mounted on that wall with those little white baskets that nestle into it. You can add some color with basket liners or just roll towels and place them into the shelves.

  2. We have been friends with Dave and Deann for 33 years and you are so right! Dave has always been a contracting genius. And Deann is excellent at anything she does. Both their girls are just as brilliant . Please talk to them for any home”work”. I love this family. And Laura, your home is looking great. And I love your blog.

  3. Love the style and choice of colors & more! This is a womans dream come true are you kidding me!! We’ll i’ll rejoice and live out my hopes of a new master bedroom thru you :-). Send me anytime more pictures!!! Enjoy!!

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